Final Show - Space Design 


Restructuring an Existing Event...

The goal of this project was to reformat the design program’s space for its final show. I hoped to create a layout that gave structure to the flow of the event, and more successfully showcased student work - both individually and by class.

Below is the previous layout for the Spring Design Show. There were two primary pain points after using this format. First - student work from various grades was intermixed, so it was difficult to see the progression of the student body from sophomore to junior to senior year. Second - because attendees had no designated guide through the event, many students on the “outskirts” of the space weren’t being seen.

The PREvious


The new layout for the event guides attendees on a path from sophomore, to junior, to senior work. This allows the viewer to see a progression of work through the years of the program. Because there is only one path through the show, with internally facing panels, every individual’s work will be seen.

The proposed
New layout

Scroll through the images below read the thought process behind this layout and any spatial accommodations that had to be made for individual and group projects.

& Adjustments

Event Setup